Become a Friend of the Brownhoist

Where Community Harmonizes with Purpose

At the heart of The Brownhoist, as envisioned by our founder Adam Whiting, is a mission that sings: “Community is our business.” It’s more than a statement—it’s a practice ingrained in every melody of our existence. Adam, with his virtuosity as a pianist and his dedication as an accompanist, has sculpted The Brownhoist into a haven where creativity, equity, and opportunity flourish in unison.

Foster Community Synergy

As a member, you’re part of a culture of connectedness—a symphony of local creatives and entrepreneurs harmonizing to enhance business acumen and asset growth. You’re part of a movement that’s all about collaboration, collective ownership, and shared responsibility.

Empower Equitable Impact

Being a Friend means committing to intentional actions that craft equitable outcomes for all. Under Adam’s stewardship, The Brownhoist becomes a stage where every individual’s unique note contributes to the grand symphony of life.

Join Our Safe Haven

By becoming a Friend, you’re not just joining a group; you’re becoming part of a sanctuary dedicated to nurturing a safe, supportive, and affordable space for those with marginalized social identities. You’re asserting your place within a community that values human dignity and self-determination above all.

Community Covenant

What to expect

The Brownhoist is committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment that cherishes the diversity and dignity of all individuals, especially those from marginalized identity groups. Our community covenant is a living document that provides guidelines for respectful and healthy interactions within our space.

For the complete details of our community covenant and to understand how it shapes our space, you can read the Brownhoist Community Covenant here.

Key tenets of our covenant include:

Respecting all identities

Members should respect people from all social identity groups and abstain from using identity-based slurs, and not dismiss the experiences of marginalized individuals.

Acknowledging privilege

Recognizing that certain social privileges can lead to a lack of awareness about the oppressive systems marginalized groups navigate.

Staying humble and open to learning

Members are encouraged to welcome correction from those with different social experiences and learn from any mistakes made within the community.

Maintaining transparency and accountability

Mistakes should be acknowledged publicly to facilitate community learning, and a commitment to change based on new understanding is essential.

Promoting safety and civility

Members have a responsibility to interrupt and address discriminatory or offensive behavior and use the community’s resources to educate themselves on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Enforcing accountability

Adherence to the covenant is mandatory for all members, with a clear process outlined for addressing violations, including warnings, re-education, and potential forfeiture of membership for repeated infractions.

Benefits for our Friends

Just a few ways we like to say thanks to our Friends

Priority Booking & Access

Get priority access and discounted rates on events, workshops, and programs. Plus, enjoy special offers from our partner organizations, handpicked for our Friends of the Brownhoist.

Recognition on Our Members Wall

We celebrate your support by featuring your name on our virtual Members Wall on The Brownhoist website, a testament to your important role in our community.

Exclusive Member Events

Join us for members-only gatherings, from intimate concerts with Adam to workshops that foster your creativity and business skills.

Frequently Asked

Empowering You with Information

Joining a community is a significant step, and you might have questions. We’ve compiled the most common inquiries to help you understand the full spectrum of what being a Friend of the Brownhoist entails.

What is The Brownhoist?

The Brownhoist is a dynamic, historic office building reimagined as a hub for creatives, community leaders, and vibrant Clevelanders. It’s a place where art, history, and community converge to create a unique space for collaboration, creativity, and growth.

Who can become a member of The Brownhoist?

Anyone who is interested in being part of a creative, inclusive community is welcome to join. We embrace artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and all individuals looking for a supportive space to work and connect.

What are the different membership tiers available?

We offer several tiers to fit your needs:

  • Curious: Ideal for those wanting to sample what our community has to offer with limited access.
  • Collaborator: Full membership with unlimited access, perfect for those looking to fully engage with our community.
  • Spontaneous: For those who need flexible access and additional benefits.
  • Super Spontaneous: Our premium tier offering extensive access and the ability to reserve spaces for your projects.
What are the main benefits of becoming a member?

Members enjoy various benefits including, but not limited to, workspace access, discounts on space reservations, exclusive events, and a vote in community decisions (for eligible tiers).

Can I book a space without being a member?

Yes, non-members are welcome to book our spaces at full price. Members enjoy the added benefits of discounted rates and priority booking. Whether you’re a member or not, our spaces are designed to cater to various events and collaborative needs. All space bookings are subject to availability and our community guidelines.

How does the drop-in benefit work?

Depending on your membership tier, you can drop in to use the common areas either once a month or an unlimited number of times. Our space is designed to inspire and accommodate your creative process.

What does it mean to be a voting member?

Voting members have a say in certain decisions regarding the community space and events. This benefit is available starting from the Collaborator tier upwards.

How do I reserve a space, and what does it entail?

As a member, you can reserve spaces for meetings, projects, or events. The reservation process is simple and can be done through our online portal. The specifics of the reservation privileges depend on your membership tier.

Can I change my membership tier?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership tier to better suit your changing needs all online. 

How do I cancel my membership if needed?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Please refer to our membership agreement for details on the cancellation process and any applicable notice periods.

What is your policy on inclusivity and safety?

We are committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment. We uphold a community covenant that all members must adhere to, which supports respect and protection for people from all marginalized identity groups.

Ready to Get Involved?

Your involvement fuels the harmony that defines The Brownhoist. Become a member and add your unique note to our symphony.