Building Community Through Creativity and Inclusion

Welcome to

The Brownhoist

where every note has a place in our grand symphony of collective progress.

Welcome to The Brownhoist, an iconic space uniting creativity, equity, and opportunity in the heart of Cleveland’s Goodrich-St. Clair community. Led by Adam Whiting, a pianist and community visionary, The Brownhoist is more than a building; it’s a movement.


is our business

At the core of Adam Whiting’s journey lies a simple, powerful mission: “Community is our business.” Adam, an accomplished pianist and accompanist, has channeled his passion for the arts and inclusion into crafting The Brownhoist as a sanctuary of creativity, equity, and opportunity. His pledge to create a safe, inclusive, and affordable space for marginalized individuals resonates in every corner of the historic building.

Adam’s pledge is a commitment to the Goodrich-Kirtland of Cleveland, OH. It is reflected in every decision made, every service offered, and every square foot of The Brownhoist building.

Our Promise

Safe Haven

To create a safe, supportive, and affordable gathering space for individuals with marginalized social identities.

Equitable Impact

To act intentionally in ways that produce equitable outcomes for all community members, regardless of social identity.

Community Synergy

To build a culture of connectedness between local creatives, professionals, and supporters that helps our city flourish and grow.

Our Values

Human Dignity

Every individual is valued and respected.


Empowering members to make their own choices.


Building a culture of collective ownership and shared responsibility.


Holding ourselves responsible for fulfilling our mission and promise.

Meet Adam

Meet Adam, an accomplished pianist and accompanist, with a heart committed to community building and inclusion. His guiding philosophy is that every individual has a unique note to play in the grand symphony of life. Under his leadership, The Brownhoist is that stage.

“As an accompanist in both music and life, my goal is to support the composition that each of us is writing. At The Brownhoist, the stage is big enough for everyone to find their place and play their unique note.”

Whether you’re a local artist, a community advocate, or someone looking for a space that honors diversity and fosters growth, Adam invites you to join him at The Brownhoist. Together, let’s create a community that celebrates each unique note in our collective melody.

Ready to be a part of this harmonious community?
Visit us at The Brownhoist to experience the unity in diversity that Adam and our team strive for every day.